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News From The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Feed

NOTE: Sorry for the late posting; it has been a busy week/weekend and Monday! Here is a snapshot of a few calls from some countywide incidents, over the past several days.

STOLEN VEHICLE: A N.W. District Deputy responded to the Wendy’s on Race Track Road regarding a vehicle stolen out of the parking lot. The victim stated he parked his GMC Envoy in the parking lot shortly after 7 a.m. and walked to a family member’s home. He returned around 9 a.m. to retrieve some personal items and left once more for the nearby residence. When he returned to the parking space around 2 p.m., his car was missing. When the deputy made inquiries into the situation, the owner stated he did leave the car unlocked with the keys inside, although he had no idea who might have taken the car. The vehicle was entered into the national database and law enforcement are currently looking for the vehicle.

HABITUAL TRAFFIC OFFENDER: Following a traffic stop at the intersection of SR 207 and SR 312, a S.E. District Deputy approached the driver, who immediately stated he didn’t have a driver’s license. According to the report, the deputy asked how many times was his license suspended and the driver replied “I think its Habitual.” Upon checking the drivers record, it was determined he had 8 suspension on his license dating back to 2011, and his status was a Felony level Habitual Offender, with an active 60 month suspension. He was placed under arrest and taken to the SJC Jail without incident.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT-DRUGS: A female who began a disturbance at a local medical facility was arrested for Disorderly Conduct after she refused to stop screaming at staff and later refused to leave the building after being told to cease her actions and leave as requested, by a S.E. District Deputy. According to the report, the subject wished to see a patient, who was not allowed visitors at that time. The subject was physically secured and escorted out of the building. While searching the individual and her belongings prior to transporting her to the SJC Jail, the deputy located a smoking pipe and a baggie containing a substance, which tested positive for Methamphetamine.

RECKLESS AND NO DL: A 17 year old driver was arrested for Reckless Driving after he was clocked on radar at 106 MPH in a 55 MPH zone along USI South. Once stopped the deputy asked for his driver’s license and the juvenile stated he had never applied to receive one. The driver stated the vehicle was in Sport Mode and he could resist the temptation to drive fast. The juvenile’s mother was contacted to take possession of the car and the juvenile was processed at the SJC Jail on criminal traffic charges.

WARRANTS-DRUGS: A S.E. District Deputy noticed an occupied vehicle in the St. Augustine Beach Parking lot. When the occupant noticed the deputy, the report noted the subject immediately reclined his set as to not be seen. The deputy approached the car on foot and made contact with the subject who said he was waiting on his girlfriend to arrive and provided a name, which determined to be false after a database inquiry. According to the report, the subject exited the car and was sweating, breathing heavily and the deputy stated he began to back away as if he was preparing to run on foot. The deputy secured the subject, and asked him why he had lied about his name and why he was acting so nervously. The subject sated he had lied, because he had several warrants out for his arrest and that drugs existed in the vehicle, to include an open syringe. Once the warrants were confirmed, the subject was placed under arrest and an inventory completed on the car. Located in the car were prescription medications (no prescription present) and a liquid which tested positive for opioids, as well as paraphernalia commonly used to take drugs. The suspect was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail.

DUI: A S.W. District Deputy activated his radar unit on a truck which was observed to be traveling at a high rate of speed in a 45 mph zone along SR 207. The radar indicated a speed of 95 mph, which was consistent with the deputy’s observations. As the deputy began his approach behind the vehicle, he observed the truck drift between lanes, drift into the media and cross into the center line at excessive speeds. As the truck approached a side road, the driver slammed on the brakes and made an abrupt turn, early losing control of the vehicle. The deputy activated his emergency overhead lights, causing the drive to jam the vehicle into “Park” and exited the vehicle, almost falling to the ground. According to the report, signs of impairment were observed and the driver refused to participate in Field Sobriety Exercises; the driver continued to refer to himself with an expletive during the interaction. The subject confirmed to the deputy that he had been out drinking, although he was currently on probation and he was not permitted to be in bars or drink alcohol as a condition of his release. The subject was arrested and taken to the SJC Jail without incident, where he also refused to submit to a breath test to determine his possible level of impairment.
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Traffic Crash Update: Solano Road has been re-opened from this morning's fatal traffic crash. ... See MoreSee Less

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8 hours ago

St. Johns County Sheriff's Office

IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY AND UNITY: This past Saturday was St. Johns Police Athletic League’s Football Jamboree at Keystone Heights. Learning how to work as a team while supporting each other is how it gets done.

Here’s to the start of a fantastic season!!
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